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You are invited to enter the ABODE

The Bloodshot Books Open Call surprised me in two ways. First, with the number of submissions – well over 75, Secondly, with the number of quality stories that I received from authors whose work I had never read before.morgan-pic

So, with that said, it’s time to announce the next author who will be joining the Bloodshot Books family.

Please join me in congratulating Morgan Sylvia. We will be publishing her novel ABODE in May/June 2017, just in time for her to debut it at next year’s Necon.

Normally I pass on novels involving ghosts or hauntings, but Morgan’s voice just sucked me in and thoroughly creeped me out numerous times. The fact that Morgan is also a poet was evident because I had to stop and reread certain passages so I could savor them.



One comment on “You are invited to enter the ABODE

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