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From now through November 1st, Bloodshot Books has dropped the price of most of their ebooks in the US/UK to $0.99/£0.99!!
THE AWAKENING by Brett McBean                   
VYRMIN by Gene Lazuta
THE SPECIMEN by Pete Kahle
Get your Horror fix now!!!
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First Lines From 5 New Books

I do the same thing – open up books and read the first few lines 🙂

On Books and Writing

You know how they say that the first sentence of a book is the most important? 

That writers really need to “hook” a reader in the first pages, really from the first word?

Well, as it happens, I just got a few books in the mail, books that are getting great reviews and I really look forward to reading (once I finish John Langan’s absolutely fantastic horror novel The Fisherman).

Every now and then I order a bit of books (last order was a total of eight books).

Every Heart a Doorway


Every Heart a Doorway tells the story of children, mostly girls, in a boarding school.

These are not ordinary children, but returnees from portal worlds (Like Dorothy returned from Oz) and the school’s main purpose is to help them get back to life in the “normal” world.

I’m about third of the way through and so far it’s…

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A Frightful Halloween Giveaway

Marlena Frank

halloweenhaunts2Today I’m over at HWA’s Halloween Haunts talking about one of the coolest and scariest places to go trick-or-treating as a child: Burke’s Circle. The neighborhood looked like it was plucked from a Halloween movie and planted just for us kids to enjoy. Almost every house was decked for Halloween and giving out candy, and each home you visited made you double check the doorways and watch the shadows.

Be sure to comment at the site to be entered to win a free physical copy of Not Your Average Monster Volume 2, which I’m proud to report still has a 5-star rating on Amazon. It features my own creature horror story, “Tiny Necks”, which I talk a little bit about over here: Outside Your Comfort Zone.

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Say Hello to the Sisters of Slaughter

Two years ago, I first became acquainted with Melissa Lason and Michelle Garza when they joined me and 45 other authors and poets as we pulled together a benefit anthology called WIDOWMAKERS for James Newman (aka The Nicest Guy in Horror) after an extremely large piece of wood fell on him.
Their contribution was a freaky story entitled “A Church in the Middle of Nowhere”. When I read it, I had a gut feeling that it wouldn’t be long before I heard sisters-authorpictheir names again.
As many of you know, I was right. Now known by the moniker The Sisters of Slaughter, Melissa and Michelle have had their stories published in a number of great venues, and
their debut novel, MAYAN BLUE, was released to rave reviews earlier this year.
I think you may have figured out where this announcement is going…
Please join me in congratulating both of them. Bloodshot Books will be publishing THOSE WHO FOLLOW, the follow-up novel to “A Church in the Middle of Nowhere”.
Welcome to the Bloodshot family, ladies… or should I say WELCOME BACK??? 
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Who is the ODD MAN OUT?

James Newman and I have been friends on Facebook for over 5 years through numerous highs and lows.
He served as a sounding board many times as I wrote The Specimen. Without his encouragement, I’m not even certain I would have finished it.
When he was injured in a freak accident over 2 years ago, I joined with the horror
community to pull together a mammoth benefit anthology called jn-author-picWidowmakers to help him and his family out. This experience gave me the inspiration to found Bloodshot Books in May 2015 and, as many of you know, I’ve been pretty busy since then.
Now, I’m ecstatic to announce that James has signed with us to release the trade paperback and ebook versions of his latest novella, ODD MAN OUT.
Before now, it had only been available in a collectible hardback from Thunderstorm Books limited to 52 copies.
I’m extremely honored that he trusts us to bring this wonderful story to a broader audience.
Best of all, you won’t have to wait long. It will be up for preorder in mid-November
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You are invited to enter the ABODE

The Bloodshot Books Open Call surprised me in two ways. First, with the number of submissions – well over 75, Secondly, with the number of quality stories that I received from authors whose work I had never read before.morgan-pic

So, with that said, it’s time to announce the next author who will be joining the Bloodshot Books family.

Please join me in congratulating Morgan Sylvia. We will be publishing her novel ABODE in May/June 2017, just in time for her to debut it at next year’s Necon.

Normally I pass on novels involving ghosts or hauntings, but Morgan’s voice just sucked me in and thoroughly creeped me out numerous times. The fact that Morgan is also a poet was evident because I had to stop and reread certain passages so I could savor them.



Beware The Raggedy Man!


Please join me in congratulating Christopher Collins as we welcome him to the Bloodshot Books family. We will be publishing his debut novel THE RAGGEDY MAN in the summer of 2017.

Here’s the synopsis Christopher submitted with his manuscript.:

A tale of supernatural horror in the tradition of Stephen King’s It and Mary SanGiovanni’s The Hollower.

Derrick Brown is a man still haunted by the death collins-photoof his wife, Cheryl, two years ago. For Derrick, and for Nathan, their son, healing is a long and difficult process further complicated by Nathan’s strange “spells”—trance-like moments during which Nathan often “speaks” to his mother, and after which he sometimes returns to himself with information about people and events that he could not know, but which nevertheless prove to be true.

For Nathan’s sake, Derrick resolves to rejoin the world, and rebuild his and Nathan’s relationship with Grace, Cheryl’s mother. They travel to Moss Creek, where a joyful reunion takes place. What begins as a time of healing, however, turns to a horrifying ordeal when Nathan enters a public bathroom—and disappears without a trace. In the desperate search for his son, Derrick learns that Nathan is not the only child who has gone missing in Moss Creek. And others are seeing strange, impossible things—things which sometimes kill.

But all is not lost. Derrick meets others who have lost their loved ones, too, children who, like Nathan, are special in some way. The search for answers will lead them to a twisted reflection of the real world, where, in order to win back their children, they will first have to find and destroy—THE RAGGEDY MAN

Read more about Christopher on his site: https://www.harrowscape.com/

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