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Enter The Goat Man!

TAMER -1563x2500At long last—after a couple of minor hiccups—TAMER ANIMALS by Justin M. Woodward, the first novel from last year’s Open Call is available for purchase, so… if you like coming of age tales… if you’re a fan of Richard Laymon… and if you like backwoods horror, this book was tailor made for you. Grab it in KINDLE or PAPERBACK


Down by the old Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge, four high school friends only wanted to kick back, smoke some weed and forget about their problems for a day or two. Sure, there were stories that the area was haunted, but there was no way they were true.


Decades earlier, an old goat farmer had been murdered by the Klan, hung from a tree near the bridge solely because of the color of his skin. His body was never found. Since then, numerous sightings of a strange creature—half-man and half-goat—had been reported in the surrounding woods. He was called the Goatman.


From the moment they arrived, strange noises echoed around them… a sense that they were being watched pervaded the campsite… and that was just the beginning. When one of them vanishes and a horned monstrosity pursues the others, it becomes clear that the legends are real.

…and the truth is so much more horrific than they could ever have imagined.

“Justin M. Woodward isn’t playing around–this is a terrifying descent into depravity.”
-Jeff Strand (Author of Sick House)

“Dark, twisted, and full of surprises.”
-Duncan Ralston (Author of WOOM and Salvage)

“Woodward is the kind of dick who invites himself into your nightmares, and Tamer Animals is the key he uses to open the door.”
-J. Z. Foster (Author of The Wicked Ones and Witch Hunter)


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Rise Up and Help Brian Keene

Horror author and philanthropist Brian Keene was burned in a freak accident today.
 He is currently in the hospital for severe 2nd degree burns on his arm and body. He was also burned on his face, but thankfully those were 1st degree.


Since he is a freelance author, he does not have health insurance and, as we all know, medical care in this country is FAR from cheap.
Stephen Kozeniewski has set up a GoFundMe page to help defray some of the costs. If you can help out, please head over there and donate whatever you can. Or you can share the page and spread the word.
Brian has generated tens of thousands of dollars for charity over the past few years (and frankly, I may be underestimating that amount). He’s one of the good guys. Let’s give back to him during this difficult time.
Or, another way people could help him would be to pick up one of his books. They’re pretty damned good. Check his catalog out HERE
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What do Still Waters Hide?


If you have an hour to spare today, head over to YouTube and check out STILL WATERS, an excellent indy horror project from Tacky Tie Films, directed by Rick Welch and written by Bloodshot Books’ very own James Newman.

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Has it been that long??

Specimen Front Cover - small 2Somehow, it has been 4 years since THE SPECIMEN was unleashed upon the world and this long dark journey of mine began. In celebration, I’ve placed it on a $0.99/£0.99 Kindle sale for the next week, so, if you haven’t yet learned about the horrific history of the Riders and their Steeds, now is the time. Download this epic scifi/horror novel and learn the TRUTH.
Also available in trade paperback, audiobook and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is always free to borrow!
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Last autumn, we had an open call and the response was amazing. Here is the cover to the first novel that will be released: TAMER ANIMALS by Justin Woodward. Cover design by François Vaillancourt.   ENJOY!


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Love Never Dies

Stirring the Sheets - Kindle CoverIf you’re looking for a tale that will simultaneously touch your heart and turn your stomach, STIRRING THE SHEETS by Chad Lutzke, the latest release from Bloodshot Books, is now available in paperback and Kindle. Always free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited!
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Spare Kidney – Only 99 Cents!


The Organ Donor - Front Cover

THE ORGAN DONOR by Matthew Warner is on a Kindle Countdown sale for the next five days. Get it for less than the price of a candy bar!
They knew it was wrong to purchase a kidney off the Chinese black market. But what the Taylor brothers didn’t realize was that its unwilling donor was an executed prisoner—and an immortal being from Chinese mythology.
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