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Bloodshot Books to Reanimate a Lost Horror

A couple of years ago, I came across an article online discussing some of the most overlooked horror novels of the past couple of decades. Some of them I had already read. Some I had never heard of. And one in particular stuck out because I realized it had been sitting on my bookshelves for years from a long-forgotten trip to a local used bookstore, so I dug it up, read it and loved it.oldcover
That novel was THE BREEZE HORROR by Candace Caponegro, mentioned by many as a hidden splatterpunk gem. It was pretty obvious why it hadn’t gotten the exposure it deserved. The cover had nothing at all to do with the story and it had been released at the end of the 1980s when a glut of horror was flooding the market
Last fall I had the idea to reprint books that deserved to be read by more people. Naturally, I thought of this book, but I had no idea how to contact her. She hadn’t published any other novels and she didn’t have a website…. but, being the obsessive compulsive geek that I am, I kept looking
And I found her!
Long story short – Bloodshot Books will be reprinting this “lost novel” next year with the cover and exposure it deserved the first time around. Please congratulate Candace and let’s cross our fingers that that this might even reignite her desire to write again.
Believe me. This is one you do not want to miss.
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Sign up for our THUNDERCLAP!

Greetings, Bloodshot fans!
I will be running a Thunderclap campaign on August 17th to spread the word about a 99 cent Kindle Countdown sale for The Specimen. It will coincide with an anSpecimen Front Cover - smallnouncement on BookBub on the same day.
The first time I ran a BookBub campaign, the book made it all the way to #99 overall on Amazon and I’d love to surpass that.
If you are willing, please sign up through this link and grant Thunderclap permission to tweet out the announcement from all the accounts simultaneously.
I will be forever grateful 

Brett McBean’s THE AWAKENING, thThe Awakening Covere first Second Sight release from Bloodshot Books is up for preorder on Kindle!!

If you enjoyed THE INVASION, THE MOTHER, TORMENT, or any of his other books, you will love this coming-of-age tale of insidious horror.


US – http://amzn.to/29yRSQy
UK – http://amzn.to/29DMkHs
Australia – http://amzn.to/29I2Bvi
Canada – http://amzn.to/29t8xp3

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A Scold of Blue Jays is on the horizon

author picPlease join me in congratulating Jeremy Hepler.

Today he signed the contract (in blood, of course) to publish his debut novel THE BOULEVARD MONSTER next spring with Bloodshot Books.

As Tom Deady‘s story did earlier in the open call, Jeremy’s novel stood out from the pack.

Here’s a little teaser for you all:

“When forty-four-year-old construction worker Seth Fowler sees a woman’s body in the bed of his best friend’s truck, he assumes it’s a mannequin. A Halloween decoration. A blow-up doll. Anything other than a corpse. But when he touches the woman and looks into her frozen, horrified eyes, his assumptions are proven wrong and he knows he must notify the police. What he doesn’t know is that notifying the police will set in motion a chain of events that could jeopardize the lives of his entire family.

Within twenty-four hours of calling the cops, his best friend’s truck is found abandoned at a nearby lake, and Luther, an ageless, bloodthirsty man with unfathomable powers who is protected by a horde of demented blue jays, hunts Seth down and gives him an ultimatum: take his friend’s place and begin disposing of corpses in exchange for a wealthy sum of money, or he and his family will die.

Unsure of the depth of Luther’s wrath and capabilities, Seth gives in to Luther’s demands. But how long can he hide the truth from his family and the police? What horrific choices and sacrifices is he willing to make to protect his family? And can he avoid becoming a monster himself?”


The Boulevard Monster will be released in the spring of 2017.

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Bloodshot Books heads to the Bennington Triangle

I am extremely proud and excited to announce that celebrated Vermont author and historian Joseph A. Citro has signed on with Bloodshot Books to publish the 30th Anniversary edition of his debut novesc1l SHADOW CHILD.
Please join me in welcoming Joe to the Bloodshot Books family!
Set in Vermont, it draws upon the local folklore, most notably the Bennington Triangle where multiple unsolved disappearances have occurred over the years.
Check out the covers from the 1987 Zebra edition and the 1998 Hardscrabble Books edition.

The former is yet another example of the inexplicable covers that Zebra designed for their horror novels. The clown with the balloons had nothing to do with the plot. Personally, I suspect that Zebra was trying to capitalize on the popularity of King’s IT which had come out only months earlier.sc2
The Hardscrabble cover is much more appropriate of the plot, but I hope to bring some more of the eldritch horror from the story to our version.
I can’t wait!
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If your eyes are bloodshot, you might have TUNNELVISION!!

Our first release in the Second Sight line of reprints is about 6 weeks away, but I’m far from done.
I’m happy to announce that Bloodshot Books has acquired the rights to reprint TUNNELVISION by R. Patrick Gates, originally released as one of the classic Dell Abyss novels in 1991.Tunnelvision Cover
Here’s the original synopsis:
CHANNEL 1: The evening news – the police have just received a videotape of a man being hacked to pieces. See it now…
CHANNEL 2: A detective pores over the evidence, focusing on the smallest detail, shutting out everything else, even the evil that is coming for him…
CHANNEL 3: A young man’s television speaks to him…the dead have their own talk show. Through the static of his insanity, Jesus tells him what he must do…
What do you see when your vision narrows to a single point? What do you miss? In an ordinary American city a swirling dance of death and depravity unfolds around you.
A neglected young prodigy glimpses it.
A cop, struggling with his own unspeakable legacy, tries to pinpoint the cause.
And somewhere, a killer’s head teems with lurid images that fill his days and possess his nights. He has discovered the power and glory of tunnelvision – and found just how real living hell can get…

The VYRMIN are coming!

And now it’s time for another Bloodshot Books announcement!!
As I stated a couple of months ago when I decided to expand the company and start our Second Sight line, my goal is to find titles that deserve exposure to a larger audience. Perhaps they only saw print outside the U.S, or in limited editions. Possibly the cover didn’t accurately represent the story. Or maybe they didn’t get enough publicity due to a glut in the market . . .Vyrmin 1992
I’ve already announced that the first book in the Second Sight line will be THE AWAKENING by Brett McBean.
Now I’m happy I can now announce the next book in our line of reprints: VYRMIN by Gene Lazuta
I first read it well over a decade ago, when I discovered a copy in a used book store in Arizona, and I liked it so much that, years later, I decided to track Gene down and offer to reprint it. Thankfully he accepted. 
Originally published in 1992, it is sort of a werewolf novel, but it doesn’t involve the usual plot where a werewolf bites someone and they get hairy by the light of the full moon.  With VYRMIN, Lazuta goes into the ancient mythology and takes the story in directions that I had never previously seen. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Here’s the original synopsis:

Before the dawn of civilization . . .  They infected the human race. They seduced us. They mated with us. They spawned new generations
In the shadows of a small town . . .  They feed their savage hungers. Men destroy their lovers. Mothers bathe in blood. Children run mad.
In the souls of two brothers . . .  They fight for control. One brother has been chosen to lead them. But which one? And will the other let him live?
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