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THE BREEZE HORROR, the classic splatterpunk zombie Candace Author Pic - Colornovel by Candace Caponegro, has been reanimated and it is ready to rot your brains today. Get the infection on Amazon now!

Kindle: http://bit.ly/Br33z3
Trade Paperback: http://bit.ly/Br33z3PB

As with all titles from Bloodshot Books, it is also FREE to borrow if yBreeze Horror Cover - Kindleou have Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the synopsis:


A global disaster strikes suddenly when the Space Shuttle explodes over the Atlantic seaboard, unleashing its toxic payload over thousands of miles. Millions flee. Millions more perish in the deluge . . . and they are the lucky ones. Those who do not die immediately after exposure soon sicken and succumb in horrific agony.


Their minds still function, but their flesh continues to bloat and decay. Ostracized by the fortunate few who have escaped the radioactive rain and quarantined to the water’s edge, the “Beachers” are treated as inhuman monsters by family and friends; soon they will become as loathsome in behavior as they are in appearance.

For one particular survivor – a single mother named Sandy – the monster is very familiar. He will put her through a Hell beyond her darkest nightmares, but in order to protect her child, she will endure and do anything. Absolutely anything.


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This is kind of a BIG DEAL!

I’ve been sitting on this one a while….
A couple of months ago, I decided to approach a renowned UK author who has been writing in the horror genre for close to 3 decades. I wanted to see if he would be interested in reprinting a short novel of his that had only come out in limited edition 612mfHOPIaL._UX250_from Earthling Publications several years back.
In one of those truly serendipitous moments, when I went to his Facebook page, I saw a note that he had posted only a few hours earlier mentioning that he had recently found an unpublished manuscript of his that would have been his first published novel if the deal hadn’t fallen through. His subsequent novel went on to become a huge hit and, in my opinion, it’s a classic of the genre. In the aforementioned post, he mused whether anyone thought a small press would be interested in publishing the trunk novel.
Obviously, I messaged him saying, “ME, ME, ME!!!”
I think I’ve strung this announcement on long enough. The author in question is Mark Morris. He burst onto the scene with his novel TOADY (known as THE HORROR CLUB here in the US) and has since written numerous other novels such as STITCH, THE DELUGE, MR. BAD FACE, and most recently itsustains_lgTHE OBSIDIAN HEART Trilogy.
We have signed deals to reprint his novel IT SUSTAINS this autumn as well as the project he rediscovered, THE WINTER TREE, which will come out early 2018 with a cover designed by Vincent Chong
Along with this unearthed manuscript, Mark will also contribute an introduction and an afterword, detailing, among other topics, how it feels 30 years later to look at the raw words he wrote when he was but a wee lad in his early 20s.
This is going to be fun. 
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Breeze Horror Cover - Kindle
The Bloodshot Books edition of the cult splatterpunk novel, THE BREEZE HORROR by Candace Caponegro, is now up for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. It crawls from its grave on April 28th.
I promise you… you have never read a zombie novel like this before.
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Cover Reveal Time! WHITE DEATH by Christine Morgan

I’ve loved Christine Morgan‘s work ever since she submitted “Soft-Walker” for inclusion in the first volume of NOT YOUR AVERAGE MONSTER. If you haven’t read her stuff, you need to fix that situation ASAP. Not only does she write amazing historical horror, but she also is the twisted genius behind MURDER GIRLS, a twisted novel about co-ed serial killers with a generous dash of dark humor.
With her next book, she returns to the 19th Century with WHITE DEATH. Check out the synopsis below:
“Set during the Children’s Blizzard of 1888 in the small frontier settlement of Far Enough, Montana, the drastic weather brings down more than bitter wind and cold upon the hardy pioneers. Something else has come out of the storm, and the White Death Coverstakes for survival just got even higher.”
I knew that I wanted a cover with a weathered pulp paperback look, and one cover designer who excels at that old school vibe is Matthew Revert, so of course I contacted him.
He came up with the amazing design you see to your right.
Pretty badass, huh?
WHITE DEATH will hit the shelves this September.
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Speaking fromthe-boulevard-monster-kindle-cover experience, there are few feelings that match the sight of your first book listed on author picAmazon (except perhaps receiving the first actual copy), so please join me in congratulating Jeremy Hepler with the birth of his bouncing baby horror novel, available now!

US Trade Paperback – http://bit.ly/BlvdPB

US Kindle – http://bit.ly/B0ulevard

UK Trade Paperback – http://bit.ly/BlvdUKpb

UK KIndle – http://bit.ly/B0ulevardUK



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Collings Notes – The Awakening

2016 Grand Master of Horror Michael Collings just posted a stellar review of Brett McBean‘s THE AWAKENING on his blog.  If you’ve never seen his reviews, you need to bookmark this site now.
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It’s Not Your Average Kindle Sale!

Starting Thursday, March 23rd at approximately 8am EDT, both volumes of our excellently reviewed Not Your Average Monster anthology series will go on Kindle Countdown Sales for  just $0.99 in the US and £0.99 in the UK.

That’s 41 stories and over 750 pages of awesome creature horror for less than a can of soda! What are you waiting for? Spread the word!

Volume 1 – Amazon US or Amazon UK

Volume 2 – Amazon US or Amazon UK 

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