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So Many Monsters Left to Discover!


It’s time to announce a project that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of months now.

The initial book that we ever released under the Bloodshot Books banner was the first volume in our NOT YOUR AVERAGE MONSTER Anthology series. Four months later, due to the plethora of submissions that I had received, we were able to put out Volume 2. Since then, they have been our most consistent sellers, and I’ve always planned on doing subsequent volumes, but since finances are always tight and anthologies require much more capital to initially put out the novel (especially if you want to pay your authors anything close to a respectable rate), I’ve been kicking the can down the road for a quite some time.

I want to dive back into the fray, though. If all goes as planned, we will be able to put out the next chapter in the series sometime in 2019.


There will be a number of changes, though…

1. I want to pay the authors a pro rate of at least 6c/word, so I’m going to jump into the world of Kickstarter sometime in the next several months to raise the money so I can do just that

2. As suggested by the title, the focus of this volume will be much more narrow in some ways and extremely brought in other ways. Our goal has always been bring stories of creatures other than your usual vampires, werewolves, zombies that are the bread-and-butter of horror fiction. This time I want to travel through stories of mythical creatures, cryptids and monsters monsters from every corner of the planet. Accordingly, I’ll be paying close attention to the cultural and geographical diversity of the stories that I choose.

3. In order to do this, many of the stories I select will be solicited from authors across the spectrum (culture, gender, nationality, etc…). I will also be holding a short open call to choose stories from new authors as well. How many are from submissions and how many from solicited authors is up in the air, but it will probably be 50/50

4. For the authors I recruit, ideally I would like to give them a challenge and assign a creature for them to write about. Those who submit, will have access to an extensive list of monsters to choose from with links to their descriptions, origins, etc…

5. And, I hope it goes without saying that I will be actively seeking out authors who are underrepresented in the genre. If you haven’t been living under a rock the past several days, it should be obvious what I mean.

6. I plan on taking my time and doing this meticulously, so don’t mark your calendars yet. The submission period will probably not be until the fall or near the end of 2018, but I will be posting the guidelines and an extensive list of creatures in the next few months. The Kickstarter will hopefully run this summer and I’ll need some help getting the word out. I expect the anthology to be between 70k to 90k words, so I will need to raise a few thousand bucks to cover the authors’ pay plus the artist, etc…

Without a successful Kickstarter, this project won’t happen.

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This one has been in the works for a couple of months. If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I am a big fan of Tim Curran‘s work. Whenever he puts out something new, it’s an immediate must-buy. He just writes the exact kind of horror I love. Vivid descriptions and plenty of action with nice dash of the grotesque. Seriously, if you haven’t read his books, run out and grab them now.
So, if it wasn’t obvious, I’m proud to announce that we will be publishing a follow-up to one of Tim’s most popular novels, DEAD SEA. a collection of two novellas set in the same haunting dimension.
Coming out in early 2019… get ready for WEEDWORLD and DEVIL IN THE DEEP. It’s time for some nautical nightmares.
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In celebration of StokerCon, Bloodshot Books has placed the following books on 99 Cent/99 Pence Kindle Countdown Sales for the next few days.

1) THOSE WHO FOLLOW by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

US – http://bit.ly/S1sters     UK – http://bit.ly/S1stersUK

2) DUST TO DUST by M.C. Norris

US – http://bit.ly/Dst2Dst     UK – http://bit.ly/Dst2DstUK

3) THE BREEZE HORROR by Candace Caponegro

US – http://bit.ly/Br33z3      UK – http://bit.ly/Br33z3UK

4) VYRMIN by Gene Lazuta

US – http://amzn.to/2ch2DJm      UK – http://amzn.to/2dlAbaB

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The Raggedy Man – 99 Cent Sale!

cropped cover text for uploadI really need to start announcing these sales on this page. So, starting off, let’s feature one of our titles that deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten: THE RAGGEDY MAN by Christopher Collins.


Still haunted by the death of his wife two years earlier, Derrick Grayson travels with his gifted son Nathan to her hometown of Moss Creek. There, he reunites with her mother, Grace, hoping to bring some peace to his broken heart and to give Nathan a normal childhood. 


Moss Creek harbors a dark secret, though. Local children have been disappearing for decades, with no trace of them ever found. When a swath of slaughter and bloodshed cuts its way through the townspeople and Derrick finds himself directly in its path, he must join with a group of kindred souls to hunt down the malevolent specter behind the carnage… a dark figure from a twisted shadowy realm… An ancient unearthly entity known as… 


Find out in this epic tale of small town horror from Christopher Collins and Bloodshot Books

US – http://bit.ly/RMKindle – ONLY 99 CENTS!

UK – http://bit.ly/RaggedyUK – 99p in the UK!

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I may have signed the last book from last fall’s open call, but there’s one more recent signing to announce.

SCAnon authorpicIf you haven’t heard of the name Somer Canon yet, that will soon change. Her debut novella VICKI BEAUTIFUL received accolades from fellow rising stars in the genre such as Amber Fallon , Duncan Ralston and John Quick, and her next work, her debut novel KILLER CHRONICLES was snatched up by Thunderstorm Books and immediately sold out.

Now, I’m proud to say that it will be coming out in paperback and Kindle from my little press. Thanks definitely must go to the inimitable Brian Keene who pointed her in my direction, and told me that I would love the story. You can’t get a much better recommendation than that. Two days later, I had received her manuscript and converted it to read on my battered Kindle. Within the first 20 pages, I knew that Brian wasn’t lying. I finished it in a rush, contacted Somer and signed her as fast as my two-fingered hunt-and-peck typing style could manage (which is actually a lot faster than you would imagine.)

Check out the synopsis and original cover from Thunderstorm and join me in welcomingcover Somer to the Bloodshot crime family.

“True crime blogger, Christina Cunningham, craves legitimacy. She works hard and travels often to make sure her website, Killer Chronicles, has quality content. When she finds herself in her home state of West Virginia writing about two odd and gruesome murders, she thinks it is business as usual.

That is, until she meets the murderer and things take several turns for the weird and worse. Christina’s ambition will battle with her instinct to live as she tries to match wits with the strange and inhuman murderer. Is her life, or the lives of her loved ones worth a good story?”

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Are You Afraid of Heights?

I’m a bit sick of football lately, so… HERE’S ANOTHER BLOODSHOT BOOKS ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 😈😈😈😎


As a member of the Horror Writers Assocation and the New England Horror Writers, I have been quite fortunate in making friends over the past several year with many other authors who write horror. Most of them I know through this wonderful thing called Facebook (aka Instagram for old people… according to my daughter), but I have also been able to meet dozens in person.
With our most recent open call, I was happy to see that a good number of them had submitted. One of these individuals is Rob Smales, and if you hadn’t guessed it yet, he has joined the Bloodshot Books family. Please join me in a hearty round of congratulations. He is the last signing from the open call, but, to use a cliche, he’s certainly not the least.
Some time in the next year, we will be publishing his long novella FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES (It is right on the edge of 39-40K). As with a number of the other works I’ve signed in the past several months, this can be categorized as coming-of age, but it is also quite different from the others. I would categorize this as quiet horror, with a palpable sense of dread growing as the story approaches its climax.
Check out his original pitch – “During the summer of 1975 in Caina, Indiana, three thirteen-year-old boys challenge the neighborhood loser to a stunt in order to be one of the gang, but things go fatally awry; once one, and then the other of his friends die under suspicious circumstances, the last surviving boy on the street has to ask himself: were his friends just crazy, or has the loser really come back from the dead for revenge—and if so, is he next?”
This is a tale that will have many of you reading way past your bedtime…and one that will have you seeking out his other works as soon as you finish.
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Welcome To The Bloodshot Books Family!

It looks like 2018 is turning out to be the Year of Coming-Of-Age Horror for Bloodshot Books. When I listed this particular subgenre as something I was looking for in our open call last fall, I didn’t realize that I had tapped into a hidden wellspring of content. Of the 100+ submissions I received, there were at least 25, perhaps 30 that could fall into this category. So, it should not surprise you that a significant percentage of the books that I have signed would fall into this bucket.
I’ve already announced THE OCTOBER BOYS, by Adam Millard, TAMER ANIMALS by Justin Woodward and DEAD BRANCHES by Ben Langley, all of which are quite different takes on coming-of-age tales. Now, please welcome the next to join the club: John Quick with his novel WHAT SLEEPS BENEATH. Here’s how he pitched it to me:
“All Ryan wanted from life was to be cool enough to hook up with the girl of his dreams. If that meant breaking into the town’s abandoned asylum and stealing a memento for the school jerks, so be it. What he didn’t expect was to find a corpse in the basement. An old, withered corpse with a wooden stake in its heart. A stake he knocked free on accident.
When a strange dream prompts him to return, he discovers that sometimes legends and myths are real, and finds himself somehow psychically linked to an actual vampire. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and it’s one he can’t even share with 
his best friend, Hunter.
Then Hunter goes missing, the first in a string of disappearances that rock the small town where Ryan lives. The cause is even more monstrous than his new “friend.” Whatever happens next, Ryan knows his life will never be the same—provided he survives long enough to have a life….”
At just over 100K words, this is a nice, hefty tale with shades of Ronald Kelly’s BLOOD KIN, Richard Laymon’s THE STAKE and Dan Simmons’ SUMMER OF NIGHT.
You can expect it to come out in late 2018/early 2019, but while you’re waiting, check out his other novels on his author page. CONSEQUENCES is a favorite of mine. 
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