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Rise Up and Help Brian Keene

Horror author and philanthropist Brian Keene was burned in a freak accident today.
 He is currently in the hospital for severe 2nd degree burns on his arm and body. He was also burned on his face, but thankfully those were 1st degree.


Since he is a freelance author, he does not have health insurance and, as we all know, medical care in this country is FAR from cheap.
Stephen Kozeniewski has set up a GoFundMe page to help defray some of the costs. If you can help out, please head over there and donate whatever you can. Or you can share the page and spread the word.
Brian has generated tens of thousands of dollars for charity over the past few years (and frankly, I may be underestimating that amount). He’s one of the good guys. Let’s give back to him during this difficult time.
Or, another way people could help him would be to pick up one of his books. They’re pretty damned good. Check his catalog out HERE

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