Beware The Raggedy Man!


Please join me in congratulating Christopher Collins as we welcome him to the Bloodshot Books family. We will be publishing his debut novel THE RAGGEDY MAN in the summer of 2017.

Here’s the synopsis Christopher submitted with his manuscript.:

A tale of supernatural horror in the tradition of Stephen King’s It and Mary SanGiovanni’s The Hollower.

Derrick Brown is a man still haunted by the death collins-photoof his wife, Cheryl, two years ago. For Derrick, and for Nathan, their son, healing is a long and difficult process further complicated by Nathan’s strange “spells”—trance-like moments during which Nathan often “speaks” to his mother, and after which he sometimes returns to himself with information about people and events that he could not know, but which nevertheless prove to be true.

For Nathan’s sake, Derrick resolves to rejoin the world, and rebuild his and Nathan’s relationship with Grace, Cheryl’s mother. They travel to Moss Creek, where a joyful reunion takes place. What begins as a time of healing, however, turns to a horrifying ordeal when Nathan enters a public bathroom—and disappears without a trace. In the desperate search for his son, Derrick learns that Nathan is not the only child who has gone missing in Moss Creek. And others are seeing strange, impossible things—things which sometimes kill.

But all is not lost. Derrick meets others who have lost their loved ones, too, children who, like Nathan, are special in some way. The search for answers will lead them to a twisted reflection of the real world, where, in order to win back their children, they will first have to find and destroy—THE RAGGEDY MAN

Read more about Christopher on his site: https://www.harrowscape.com/


4 comments on “Beware The Raggedy Man!

  1. I’m extremely happy to be part of the family!


  2. So exciting! Can’t wait to read it, Chris!


  3. Congrats, Chris! You’ve worked so hard. Happy for you and doggone proud. Bloodshot knows what they’re doing. 🙂


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