The October Boys Have a Tale to Tell.


It’s time to announce our next signing.

Please join me in congratulating Adam Millard. His novel THE OCTOBER BOYS hooked me from the first chapter and I’m certain that it will be keeping people up way past midnight when it’s released sometime around next Halloween.

Adam has been doing this for quite some time. He is the author of twenty-two novels,

thirteen novellas, and more than two hundred short stories in various collections and anthologies. He may be best known for his post-apocalyptic fiction, but Adam also writes fantasy/horror for children and Bizarro fiction for several publishers, who enjoy his tales of flesh-eating clown-beetles and rabies-infected derrieres so much that they keep printing them. His “Dead” series has recently been the filling in a Stephen King/Bram Stoker sandwich on Amazon’s bestsellers chart. Adam is a regular columnist for UK horror website, This Is Horror.

Here’s a short synopsis he included with his submission:

“Halloween, 1988, a group of twelve-year-old boys are trick-or-treating. Off in the distance, the discordant chimes of an ice-cream truck seem somehow incongruous for a cold autumnal night. And then it’s there, idling at the end of the street, its driver a faceless shadow.

That was the night it took one of them.

It’s 2017, and Halloween is fast approaching. Tom Craven and his friends are still haunted by the events of their childhood, and the fact that their friend was never found. Plagued by horrific visions, Tom returns to the place where it all began, only to discover he’s not the only one who can feel it. His friends have already arrived and are preparing for a battle which could get them all killed.

The Ice Cream Man is back, returning to claim the ones that got away.”

Sounds pretty damned good, don’t it?? 😈🍦😈