In 2018, Get ready to Bleed Away the Sky


Please join me in congratulating Brian Fatah Steele for being the first author to be signed after the recent Bloodshot Books Open Call.

This coming year we will be publishing his novel BLEED AWAY THE SKY.

Steele has been writing various types of dark fiction for over ten years, from horror to urban fantasy and science fiction. Growing up hooked on comic books and monster movies, his work gravitates towards anything imaginative and dynamic.

His work has appeared in such places as 4POCALYPSE, BLOOD TYPE, WHITE FACE DEATH, 4RCHETYPES, DEATH’S REALM, THE IDOLATERS OF CTHULHU, PAYING THE FERRYMAN, and the Bram Stoker Award-nominated DARK VISIONS, VOL.1. His own titles include the urban fantasy novel IN BLEED COUNTRY, the post-mythic novella collection FURTHER THAN FATE, and the dark sci-fi collection BRUTAL STARLIGHT.


Check out the short synopsis he sent along with his submission:

“A secret cabal and nightmarish monsters turn a road trip into a desperate escape as a young woman tries to outrun destiny.”

Audrey wants to enjoy the cross-country road trip her brother has planned, despite her anxiety, but destiny has other plans. It turns out that she’s the last remaining descendent of a bloodline responsible for holding ancient barriers in place and she hasn’t been doing her job. Now a secret cabal is after her, determined to force her into her role, while nightmarish things seep up from other realms, and would see her dead, so that they can be free forever. Audrey must make a choice about these new powers, about how to deal with the strange blood in her lineage, and about whether the world is worth saving or not”