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Cover Reveal Time! WHITE DEATH by Christine Morgan

I’ve loved Christine Morgan‘s work ever since she submitted “Soft-Walker” for inclusion in the first volume of NOT YOUR AVERAGE MONSTER. If you haven’t read her stuff, you need to fix that situation ASAP. Not only does she write amazing historical horror, but she also is the twisted genius behind MURDER GIRLS, a twisted novel about co-ed serial killers with a generous dash of dark humor.
With her next book, she returns to the 19th Century with WHITE DEATH. Check out the synopsis below:
“Set during the Children’s Blizzard of 1888 in the small frontier settlement of Far Enough, Montana, the drastic weather brings down more than bitter wind and cold upon the hardy pioneers. Something else has come out of the storm, and the White Death Coverstakes for survival just got even higher.”
I knew that I wanted a cover with a weathered pulp paperback look, and one cover designer who excels at that old school vibe is Matthew Revert, so of course I contacted him.
He came up with the amazing design you see to your right.
Pretty badass, huh?
WHITE DEATH will hit the shelves this September.

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