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Bloodshot Books heads to the Bennington Triangle

I am extremely proud and excited to announce that celebrated Vermont author and historian Joseph A. Citro has signed on with Bloodshot Books to publish the 30th Anniversary edition of his debut novesc1l SHADOW CHILD.
Please join me in welcoming Joe to the Bloodshot Books family!
Set in Vermont, it draws upon the local folklore, most notably the Bennington Triangle where multiple unsolved disappearances have occurred over the years.
Check out the covers from the 1987 Zebra edition and the 1998 Hardscrabble Books edition.

The former is yet another example of the inexplicable covers that Zebra designed for their horror novels. The clown with the balloons had nothing to do with the plot. Personally, I suspect that Zebra was trying to capitalize on the popularity of King’s IT which had come out only months earlier.sc2
The Hardscrabble cover is much more appropriate of the plot, but I hope to bring some more of the eldritch horror from the story to our version.
I can’t wait!

One comment on “Bloodshot Books heads to the Bennington Triangle

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