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Volume 2 Lineup

And, after a marathon reading session yesterday, I am done with every submission – all 338 of them. All accepted authors have been contacted and responded.

Three months of reading until my eyes bleed. Below is the final lineup for Volume 2 in no particular order.

Bristles – Meryl Stenhouse
Mockery – Patrick Lacey
Lorelei – Logan Noble
Cryptozoa – Aaron Worth
Darling Brother – Erin Jendras
The Grand Sacrifice – Sallie McDaniel
Salt on the Dance Floor – Nisi Shawl
With Covered Eyes – Johann Thorssen
The Client – B.T. Joy
Death of a Housefly – Shawn Francis
Apt Pupae – John F.D. Taff
One Mississippi – Leigh Harlen
Bempton – Richard Farren Barber
The Esurient Hyrst – Michael Picco
What Clayton Found – Betty Rocksteady
A List of Grey and Crimson – Jared Oliver Adams
Tiny Necks – Marlena Frank
Raja – Wednesday Lee Friday
Two Cheeseburgers and that Weird Little Kid – Jenny Orosel

16 short stories, 2 novellettes and 1 novella.

…and there might be one from yours truly as well

One comment on “Volume 2 Lineup

  1. […] If you want to see the full list of stories set to be included in Volume 2, check out the full listing. […]


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