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Latest Anthology Updates:

Volume 1 – I’m editing and formatting a bit each day. Though this will be the smallest of my books to date, it still will be quite hefty with well over 125K words. In comparison, The Specimen was 167K and Widowmakers was close to 225K.
Right now, I’m pondering the order of stories in the table of contents. I want an ebb and flow to the contents, both in length and gore factor. We have stories at both extremes of the two spectrums, Some with atmospheric horror and others with blood by the bucketful. Gotta please all our readers, you know. tongue emoticon

The authors who have been accepted to Volume 1 will begin to receive their monetary payment over the next few weeks. Some will be paid within days, while others may not be paid until September. The author’s copies and digital edition will be sent just before publication.
Bloodshot Books Red Eye - 150

Kealan Patrick Burke​ is designing the cover and we should have it sometime in August/September-ish. The concept I proposed should turn out great. We’re going for a ’50s Monster Movie poster vibe, the freakier the better.

Volume 2 – I’ve begun to accept stories for the next anthology, due out around 2/29/2016. So far, I’ve accepted 7 stories and sent out over 50 more rejections. Yippee!


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