Check out the Contents of Volume 1!

Listed alphabetically by their titles blow are the 21 stories that have been chosen for Volume 1 of NOT YOUR AVERAGE MONSTER: A BESTIARY OF HORRORS

  1. “Cemetery of the Sky” by D. Morgan Ballmer
  2. “Good Ol’ Buddy” by Rob Lammle
  3. “In the Court of the Pumpkin King” by Adrian Cole
  4. “Insect” by Marc Lyth
  5. “It Must Feed” by Megan Neumann
  6. “Meemaw’s Frogs” by Richard Dansky
  7. “Mekoomweso’s Revenants” by Esther M. Leiper-Estabrooks
  8. “Monsters” by Jeff Carlson
  9. “Only a Matter of Time” by Rose Blackthorn
  10. “Piety” byJohn Bruni
  11. “Reborn” by The Behrg
  12. “Resty Acres” by Beau Johnson
  13. “Soft-Walker” by Christine Morgan
  14. “Teeth” by Mark Carroll
  15. “The Keeper” by Kya Aliana
  16. “The New Governess” by Joshua Rex
  17. “The Serpent’s Army” by Seth Skorkowsky
  18. “Tunnel Vision” by Jeremy Hepler
  19. “War without an Enemy, Enemy without a War” by Adrian Chamberlin
  20. “What Rough Beast?” by Billie Sue Mosiman
  21. “A Horseman Rides in Tartarus” by Pete Kahle

The shortest tale is exactly 3K words, while the longest one clocks in at a hair over 16K. There’s gory horror and subtle scares. You’ll find humor in some tales and mythology in others.

This is going to be a stellar book

2 comments on “Check out the Contents of Volume 1!

  1. Horrible Pete — The line up looks great, can’t wait to read the book. Thank you. Esther M. Leiper-Estabrooks PS: Note that Leiper is ei, not ie, it’s Scottish you know?!


  2. […] that long to get some good old fashioned monster horror stories in your hands, don’t worry. Volume 1 will be having a cover reveal soon, which I’ll be sure to post here too don’t […]


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