Submissions are now being accepted for our debut themed anthology:
NOT YOUR AVERAGE MONSTER (tentative title)


  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • Sasquatch
  • Kaiju
  • Ghosts
  • Any combination of the above.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Stories about monsters that are rarely seen in your average horror films and novels. We want to read stories from a variety of cultures and mythologies across the globe about creatures that may be well-known in the country of origin, but unheard of state-side. Or you can create your own monster. Just make sure that the creature is not derivative. Gore is fine, and even expected. This is a horror anthology after all. Content may be R-rated, but we will not consider anything that contains graphic depiction of child abuse or rape

REPRINTS CONSIDERED IN RARE CASES: Basically a story will need to match our theme perfectly, and be eligible for inclusion immediately.

MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: Will be considered, but only one story per author will be chosen.

PAYMENT: Via PayPal – 1 cent/word (rounded up to the next dollar) + 2 Paperback Contributor Copies mailed to you & 1 Digital Copy in the format of your choice

LENGTH: Between 3K – 20K Words. We are mainly seeking short stories, but we will accept up to 2 novellas for inclusion if they fit the theme.

SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: petekahle@gmail.com with the following in the subject line – NYAMAnthology_(title)_(author_name).

QUESTIONS:  Please submit them to the aforementioned email or to our Facebook Page

FORMAT: Stories should be attached as a Word document, in Times New Roman or similar,12 point font, with the author’s name and exact word count. If accepted, we will require a short, 50-150 word author biography to include in the anthology.

RIGHTS: Exclusive digital and print rights retained for 1 year from the initial date of the anthology’s publication

CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS: Midnight ET, 6/30/2015 (OR 5AM GMT, 7/1/2015).

Thank you for your time.

– Pete Kahle, Owner/Editor – Bloodshot Books



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  2. I have a couple of stories along these lines ready to go. I’ll get them submitted in the next day or two. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on MetallicWolff and commented:
    This has possibilities…now I need to see if I have anything to submit.

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  4. I know you said that you’ll accept multiple submissions, but what’s the limit on the number we’re allowed to send?


  5. To be honest, I never even considered that. Let’s go with 4. Remember, though, only one story maximum per author will be chosen, Make sure the stories match the theme and are very close to the necessary word count.


  6. OK, so it took me a bit longer than planned to get my subs in, but I sent two stories your way this morning. Hopefully at least one of them will be what you’re looking for. 🙂

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  7. Do you guys allow for simultaneous submissions?


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  9. Will you take less than 3K?


  10. Just sent in my submission.


  11. I have a story that would be a reprint, but I doubt was seen by many….the publisher has closed up shop and is pulling the original anthology for all venues. I do have the rights back and it does feature a creature out of non-US mythology. Would this story be possible as a submission? Thank you


  12. I am a fool fool. I finished too late and missed the deadline.


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